AUD2000 for 200 Words Competition for Online Classes

Using only 200 words, answer an intriguing question that will surely test one’s wit in creating his/her arguments. Tackle the career possibilities that surround online classes for modern students and get a chance to win a 2000 Australian Dollar worth of scholarship.

Participants must incorporate their sentiments towards the potential of online schools in creating a better learning opportunity towards a bright future. One must build an image of what the future might look like and the possible job that s/he is taking during that time. Think of how an online school can provide a path toward a better career option for various students.

While citing the advantages of taking online classes in online schools for finishing a study, carefully tell how your education continues to shape your future job. The following basic rules apply for the current round of the competition.

  • With full honesty, state your thoughts about how being admitted to an online school can affect your career or job. If you do not have an idea of what you will be taking, feel free to say so.
  • Make sure that the title of your essay must be put in the first line of your comment.
  • Briefly tell an exciting story as this is an essay composition which needs your imagination and creativity throughout the whole text.
  • The winner must be selected at a random basis from the submitted entries which are published by the contest committee.

Besides the aforementioned general rules for the competition, bear in mind the following terms and conditions:

  • An entry must have a number of words not exceeding the range of 100-200 words. Any entry that goes beyond this limit will not be considered for the prize.
  • A maximum of one entry is expected from one person.
  • Prizes will be sent thru PayPal using the email address provided by the winner.
  • The contest jury will judge all of the qualified entries. Potential entries will be published within 72 hours subsequent to the submission.
  • In case of similar entries being submitted at the same time, the first entry is the only one to be considered for publication as the contest goes with the first submission.

•    Entries under the shortlist are subject for plagiarism check.

268 thoughts on “AUD2000 for 200 Words Competition for Online Classes”

  1. As we Africans we had and always have hardships in studies and even in life\’s but all in all we thank Almighty Allah for all these situations.

  2. my name is nkinda m kuzenza from Tanzania Am a form six leaver student asking for a chances to study abroad .Taking bachelor of science in number is +255679742271

  3. Hello well wishers out there, it has never been so easy to grow up in my country Zimbabwe. Now that l have finished my Advanced level studies lm kindly looking for a university scholarship to study abroad. My mobile number is +263779048483 (For calls and whatsapp)
    Please please help me on this one God bless you.
    Thank you.

  4. Without losing my ambitions, please I\’m in deed need this aid of scholarship, I\’m the help of the others who search aids like me in the future generations,

  5. Hie sponsers and well wishers.My name is Takudzwa Chitupa. I stay in Zimbabwe.l studied maths ,accounting and business studies .l wish to continue my studies hence l need financial support. Those willing to help me ,my phone number is +263785350218.thank you


  7. Honestly, getting this scholarship is in contrast in flipping and bringing a new understanding in my kikuyu-kenyan clan and ancestry full of suffering.
    I\’m a winner always has been and will be.

  8. Hello,my name is Mohamed Baza, and I am Egyptian physiotherapist,l have bachelor degree from Cairo university, and I have4 year experience in physical Therapy.
    Now, I want to study master in physical Therapy because i want to learn more and more
    I want a scholarship for this
    Thank you


  10. I greet you in the name of the lord.. Am from Uganda and am a form six leaver and i would really what to take on this scholarship thanks alot.

  11. In this world one can not move forward without the support of othere. So please help me for this scholarship. And I know you will not hesitate to include me. Thanks God bless you all for your support for othere.Amen

  12. I am Mukesh from india .i am bolong to a poor family . I am under graduated degree student .I need this scholarship to continue my study .

  13. My name is kirabo Marvin from Rwanda am fourteen years old I have grown up from a poor family but if given chance of getting this scholarship I promise that I will work hard ,thank you.

  14. Étudier dans des conditions agréables est synonyme de réussite aussi, obtenir cette offre sera si vous l\’admettez la meilleure des choses pour un étudiant qui est prêt à tout donner pour réussir dans sa carrière d\’étude.

  15. Étudier dans des conditions agréables est synonyme de réussite aussi,obtenir cette offre sera si vous l\’admettez la meilleure des solutions pour un étudiant qui est prêt à tout donner pour réussir dans sa carrière d\’étude si les conditions sont réunies

  16. My name is Abner and i am from Kenya. I would like to request for financial aid to study law in order to uplift the poor in my society who have no one to defend them in their quest for justice.

  17. my name is solomon Jeremiah am from Nigeria I really would appreciate if this scholarship is been given to me to study medicine and surgery in the overseas

  18. My name is Jessa Cosmiano from Philippines. i\’m really interested for this scholarship. But How can i avail this. this is my mobile no. 09165712787

  19. Hey stuffs members am sumayyah from Uganda kindly here to apply for a scholarship and I join my university am aged 21 years and ready to chase my dreams will be happy when the opportunity granted thanks very much for the pure heart +256781516615

  20. Je m\’appelle COMMANDAN Parfait, j\’ai 22 ans. J\’ai eu mon diplome technique de DEAT en 2017 en specialité Pêche et ne perdrais pas cette chance d\’avoir une bourse si on accordait une priorité.
    Tous mes respects.

  21. I have just finished my high school studies and i am asking if this scholarship applies to students like me. I would also wish to know how to compete in the 200 word essay competition. Thanks for your concern

  22. I pray that the Almighty Allah /God showers me with more opportunities for me to convert my dreams into reality. I want to become a scholar.

  23. Alhamdulillah every condition so i have 5 years experience of midwifery with bachelor degree i need extra exprience how can possible to get health science scholarship opportunities

  24. hey am Alice from Kenya currently working in a hospital set up as a nurse i would like to advance in palliative care to be able to help people with chronic course is convenient since i can do the study during my free time.

  25. Hello!! My name is love and I really need this scholarship to further my education please. I will be very glad to hear from you,thank you so much and God bless you!!

  26. My name is djibril i\’m a student senegalese, i have my bachelor last year. I want to go in china to continued my study. Your help is solliciting. Thank\’s

  27. Am mahlodi thulare from Mokopane….I was been accepted in the private college of nursing so I don\’t have money to further my education so I need help plz the college is opening on the

  28. hello, my name is Amon Sindikubwabo from Rwanda.
    i was born in poor family and hold high school in accounting.
    please help me to this Chance. because for me i can\’t seen the financial of scholarship

  29. If I would have the opportunity to study, I would be the happiest girl in the world. It will be a dream come through seen my study among different kinds of people from different diversity of background in a European country.

  30. My name is Iwuoha Jennifer chidera from Nigeria. I have been longing to have a scholarship that will change my life. Growing up from a family where my father wasn\’t buoyant effort to train us in school, I struggled to see myself through school.
    Now, I want to study master in public Administration.
    I\’ll be very happy if i\’m selected for this program.

  31. Am somda Ranebel i am really interested in this scholarship. Please i need directives on how to go about it.i want to help myself and my family. 672470333

  32. Hello, my name is Pacifique, I am currently looking forward to getting this opportunity to further my education, as it\’s hard for me to do so because of my background and financial capacity to pay for high educations in South Africa so this scholarship would be a great opportunity for me to study international relations which will help me to help the people of my community in a near future by doing the job I had study for.

  33. Hello
    I am in Benin and I wrote to you 2 years ago
    your last message says that I was accepting and I do not understand here is my number whatsapp + 22996033261

  34. Hello people of good will, Am Esau Phiri, aged 25 from Malawi. Am a holder of Bsc degree in Statistics. As a fifth born in a poor family of 8 children, I would like to Extend my studies in the field of Master of Science in Applied Statistics. But due to financial constraints am unable to fulfil my vision.
    Your asaistance will be highly appreciated.

  35. Hello I am a dentist graduatefd 2014
    I have experience 4 years so I want to become dental specialist if you any opportunities for this field please tel me .

  36. Bonsoir,je suis Malienne. Je fais la licence 3 communication des organisations à un institut de technologie de Bamako. Après cette licence j\’aimerais avoir une bourse d\’étude afin de pouvoir poursuivre mes études, au moins avoir un master en communication pour le développement pour que je puisse contribuer au développement de ma communauté, mon pays et le monde entier en général. Mais les défauts financiers m\’empêchent de postuler ou de m\’inscrire ce qui peut influencer.Bien cordialement à vous .Mademoiselle Nantinago Kadiatou.

  37. Bonsoir, je suis Malienne âgée de 22 ans. Je fais la licence 3 communication des organisations à un institut de technologie de Bamako. Après cette licence, j\’aimairais avoir une bourse d\’étude afin de pouvoir poursuivre mes études, au moins avoir un master en communications pour le développement. . Mais les défauts financiers m\’empêchent de postuler ou de de m\’inscrire.Ainsi, si vous avez des opportunités pour ce domaines veillez me contacter,mon email cordialement à vous. Mademoiselle Nantinago Kadiatou.

  38. I will very be grateful if u wish me this scholarship because i really want to become scholar and learn more about our religion I will totally be appreciative if u wish my dream to be accomplished

  39. i want to become an army IT officer. that\’s why I continue my study with job so online study is bestest one for me to fulfill my desire.

  40. i am searching the masters degree scholarships in public health environmental sciences can i get knowledge about the site

  41. Am Stanley . I was enrolled in university in 2017 but am currently at home because my single is not able to raise my school fees. Please help.
    Thank you.
    Am looking forward to you positive response.

  42. How can I get the scholarship because so many people prefer to receive it. I hope it exactly but I was so sad because I can\’t struggle to request to you. I absolutely need the scholarship for getting higher level , I don\’t want to loss my opportunity this time because education is powerful around the world so I warmly request to you. I agree with you. Thank you

  43. I am Liza Getachew,a high school student from Ethiopia.with a very good performance at high school i wish to study abroad.

  44. Hello, everyone! My name is Odina Khotamova. Now everybody wants to study in more sophisticated countries. And I am too. I want to study in USA. Honestly I don\’t believe in it but I will try ones fortune). If you find my application satisfied, I wil be vere very happy!

  45. Hi my name is Ikiah Rajiv from Cameroon. My aspiration is to become a medical doctor but due to the nature of my country which demands writing a competitive entrance exam before one can get into a medical school. In the exam itself merit is not valued as bribery and the Names of the top officials children are taken so I couldn\’t make it in the exam twice so I really plead with you to grant me this opportunity to realize my dream. Thanks, this is my contact:+237677213529

  46. I\’m about writing waec and I have no hope for a university please I need your help and I have often wish to study abroad.

  47. Hello i\’m mark musyoka have done a bachelor degree in environmental science interested with this scholarship to further my studies…thank you ..this is my number 0790181351

  48. omari anaklet mirieri dear..well wishers…am a student in need…from humble background..i deed my KCSE the year 2018..from st pauls nyachichi secondary…i will appreciate so much if you consinder my request please…my contacts are from kenya…my guardian contacts are +254706878737

  49. Am a student of MCS from Pakistan.I want to study in china next.kindly give me information if someone have…..

  50. am maria from Pakistan.i want to study in China for M.Phil in computer science.kindly guide me if someone can.

  51. Am a medical laboratory technician and wish to further my education. If am given this scholarship, I will be able to further my studies on microbiology. Thanks

  52. I\’m from poor background still on my ND program as computer engineering with tree years experience as an engr from Nigeria i want to further more pls

  53. Hi. I\’m very grateful firstly for giving us opportunities to study abroad. I\’m from a family where our financial situation isn\’t really well. So i really wanna study abroad in order to afford for our needs in the familly. Thanks

  54. My name is Lindokuhle, I\’m from South Africa. I would like a scholarship to study Political science in your institute, I beleive this is a great initiative that offers so much for young students like myself. I am a hard worker and very dedicated to what I do and would appreciate this opportunity. I am confident you will get back to me, not because I feel obligated, of course there are many other good students, but because I of my confidence in your reliability and my reasons.

  55. I\’m Ayaduma yigwana coming from poor background but doesn\’t mean I can\’t chase my dreams.i\’m a third year cost and management accounting student &I would like to pursue my studies to be a Chartered accountant one day,the reason why I chose this career is that I love numbers and I\’m interested on how economy works interms of financial . success is about sacrifice
    I was born poor but I will not die poor because the decision I make today will determine my future.i always imagined my self as a business owner owner one day so that I can employ people to reduce unemployment rate in SA & giving back to community .

  56. My name is HENOK DEMSEW. I was graduated my bsc degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Addis Abeba science and technology university in 2017.and i am from Ethiopia.

  57. I am Tijani Habeebullahi adekunle.
    I am a Nigerian but really optimistic to study abroad because of d reason undisclosed

    Online learning entails obtaining knowledge from a tutor by a video call and careers associated with it include course development,online teaching,marking and giving scores online and editing of scripts. It contributes to bright future as travel costs are reduced,health risks of travelling to new environments are minimal too. Students can stay at home or work while concentrating on other roles as the learning indulge only a few hours daily. Am currently a fourth year student at the Technical University of Kenya undertaking Bachelor of Technology in Science Laboratory Technology and would love to pursue Msc courses afterwards to help me become a Laboratory Technologist some day. Undertaking short courses like
    epidemiology before my Masters could rather be administered online.

  59. I am a single Zambian male of age 24 and applying for sponsorship from well wishers to study Accounting and Finance undergraduate degree program in any region/country.
    Your assistance will highly be appreciated.

  60. I am also looking for scholarship to study abroad. Have completed BSc in HIV and AIDS Management and Community Development and ii) Med in Curriculum Studies. As a poor teacher from Zimbabwe, I am looking for help to do my PhD. Please help.

  61. My name is Bupe mudenda,from Zambia and am interested in a scholarship to study abroad.zambia is a developing country ,so even technology is not that good.Which is why I want persue computer science ,so that when I have the knowledge in computer science I will help boost my country in that field.This is the computer age and my dream is that one day my country will be able to make their own computers instead of having to import all the time . Nowadays good technology is a backbone to good economy of a place.This I believe can as well change the youths in my country, your positive response will be highly appreciated.Thank you And God bless you.invest in the young generation for a better tomorrow

  62. Hello mam a Zimbabwean living in Botswana and I wish to study in china and hope to find a a sponsor like you to help me. Thank you

  63. Am princessdiana I want to pursue environment engineering to your university may you help me to hold me on since I need a support from you and my God bless you

  64. Am glad that there some people might be among of my surpoter to me that I might get a chance to build my future once more plzzzy am looking for the chance to study abroad (university) help me on this stay blessed

  65. I have a degree in education science (MATHS AND CHEMISTRY). I will be grateful if you grand me a scholarship for master\’s in applied mathematics in your university. Am a former student of kibabii university in kenya and my desire is to study abroad so that to interact with people from different races and to explore the world at large. If given that chance, you will have made me to see beyond my horizon, and I will instil and impact to young kenyan students the knowledge and skills acquired so that we can transform our communities and the world at large. You can contact me or watsap me on +254707189874. My God bless You. Bie

  66. yes from Avery poor family where by my guardian can\’t afford even buying sugar for her self ,en unfortunately I lost my parents in my vacation so I badly need a scholarship to continue with my studies en if all goes well da advantage of this scholarship is DAT it will help me create friends who will be beneficial to me ,
    in addition to that due to the quality of my qualifications it be easier for me to get a good job in any company so help me God .

  67. Am so grateful for granting me this scholarship you dont have an idea what it means to me looking forward for schorlarship thank you

  68. I saw so many people crying on website . let me one of them
    I\’m a midwfery bsc candidate for this year and I want to get chance to study in medical doctorate.

  69. Enrolling in an online cause will affect me positively since I may still have the opportunity to work and study.

  70. My name is Trinity Rhulani Phakula from South Africa and i am struggling to get assistance with money to take me to a university next in 2020 and honestly speaking going to a institution of higher education is the only way I can break the circle of poverty

  71. Bonjour,
    Je m\’appelle Bernard BUTISI,Licencié Agrégé en physique.J\’ai besoin d\’une bourse d\’étude pour faire les études de Master.
    Merci de votre compréhension.

  72. Dear sir and mam Mujhe apni sister ki merriage karni hai and mere father ki death ho gyi hai and mere father handicap the and is waje se financial problem bohot hai Ghar bhi nahi hai abhi khud ka And 3 sister hai meri sb badi hai sirf ek chhoti problems bht hai agr isme help kr sake to karde aap sb

  73. This is a very great opportunity for an individual like me to secure a scholarship like this since in my home country its about who you know before you can grant a sponsership to do your studies.

  74. I am Hussein K. Gulo from Kenya, pursuing Bsc. Project planning and management.
    My view on Online study is that it is the best opportunity that has ever happened in man\’s history.
    Despite the challenges in technology and access by marginalized group, it stands to be the best opportunity as it enables distance learning, saves on cost, mobility,ease of access and saves greater deal on time.

  75. Hi I\’m Ndawah Manyi Melvis from Cameroon .I\’m a poor arphan with no parents to help me due to the southen Cameroon Crisis going on I\’m on able to continue my studies in accounting .pls sir/madam I need a scholarship to study abroad thanks

  76. I\’m from poor background family I will like to use this opportunity appreciate extremely if I\’ve chosen as a member once again thank you very much for the great offer.

  77. We are students concern as we want join the schoolarship, if the school could be given to every candidate that applied it, we expecting much from you thank you 🙏

  78. Good morning am from Africa Kenya in poor family my Dad passed away and my mum but I would like to expand my career if given a chance please I will be very greatiful if given this chance

  79. Good morning am from Africa Kenya in poor family my Dad passed away and my mum but I would like to expand my career if given a chance please I will be very glad to accept

  80. Hi Mam / sir
    I am akram shah from disputed region northern area of Pakistan, I have done my Master in analytical chemistry with research project, topic was synthesis of Co-nanoparticle by green route. Now I’m going to apply for PhD so kindly assist me in such way.
    Thank you

  81. am an undergraduate though but i wanna study abroad and to do mining engineering……..i would want to get a scholarship please

  82. Im from phillipines and i want to continue my study but i dont have a scholarship and allowance

  83. Dear Sir,

    I am Augustus from Ghana. I have just received about three same message content attesting to the fact that I\’ve won a scholarship/grant and for that matter, I need to claim my prize. I have gone through several of your post trying to see if a link could lead me about how to claim whatever is offered me but there\’s nothing of that sort. Please advise me on the procedure.

    Augustus Tutu

  84. Iam 18 years i am studying at college. I am from poor family i don\’t have enough money to study. So i need money for my study. Thank you

  85. Hay, my name is francelina amaral dos santos, from East-Timor. Now i am a student of medicine the department of nursing and am interested in a scholarship to study aboard which is my big dream to get an opportunity of this or to be the part of student scholarship and to study aboard. I wish that my dream come true that i am the part of the this scholarship.
    Story of my life : i want to be a student of medicine because i can help or safe someone\’s life as much i can do it for everyone even my family and my people.
    Some quotes the i love the most is: if you want something you must work hard and get it if not it will never happen to you.

  86. thats a wonderful project and am willing to write for on line classes is the only solution to bright future,it will save us time and create more time for job.
    otherwise i embrace it
    David opanga.

  87. I am from a poor back ground and I declare if this scholarship will ne given to me I will not waist it , but I will use it wisely until I pass and finish my study moreover, I would like to appreciate for this scholarship!

  88. I am from a poor back ground and I declare if this scholarship will be given to me I will not waist it , but I will use it wisely until I pass and finish my study moreover, I would like to appreciate for this scholarship!

  89. Good morning,
    Am a form six leaver and I would like to study from the U.S on a scholoarship . Please am kindly requesting for your help
    Thank you . I promise not to let you down

  90. My name is Evariste im rwandan ,i didd forestry option A2, and depertment of forest resources management at A1. and natural resources and environmental managemnet at Ao. so im looking for masters schorship, in thesefield or in agriculture or agroforestry.thanks for your help

  91. Greetings to you. Am from Uganda but am getting hard ships looking for tution .I wish i can be helped and a warded this scholarship even though am left to be studying in my mother country.currently am pursuing a diploma in medical laboratory technician.thankyou

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  94. Good Afternoon the Co-ordinator, I Isah Momodu, one of the candidate\’s registered for the bachelors scholarship. I\’m very interested if this is real and to further my education. I have unready obtain National Diploma in Statistics. I will be please if this opportunity be giving to me. Thanks.


  95. i\’m from a poor family and even to afford the fare for going abroad it is hard but my vision is to study abroad how can i succeed

  96. Hallo my name is prince from Rwanda. I\’ve been longing to get a scholarship and I\’ve been trying so may times but I have no plan to quit but plz help me because I am financially unstable and I\’m praying God that if I get one chance. This will be the unforgettable day and I promise that I will work so hard to fulfill my dreams and as well as my family will be happy as they always pray for me. Thank you so much and God bless you

  97. Hi my name is Tebarek Abas, I am an Ethiopian citizen. I have bachelor degree in Applied Biology and Master degree in Hospital and health care administration. I believe that skill and knowledge developed through education and work experiences. So I need free scholarship for achieveing my hobby for serving my interest and our the poor community. As a human being we are not leaving for us we also leaving for helping others by our knowledge and skills. That is my mission for why I need free scholarship. Those who interested for free scholarship given to me a great thanks!

  98. Hi! I\’m from Pakistan and right now I\’m in college. It has always been my dream to study aboard. So please help me with this scholarship. Thank you.

  99. My name is peter am from Nigeria, an I need scholarship to study in UK or Canada pls what should i do pls u people should help me am undergraduate

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  101. My name is Kevin I\’m from Zimbabwe I need a scholarship to study LLB in the United Kingdom, kindly advise me on how to get one

  102. Am so interested with scholarship and am looking for it, please asist me on it on how can I sucseed on it

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  104. Hi guys!I am from pakistan and am studying now in an international college and have got all flat a+ grades in all sessions and competed in many national as well as international based competitions and got top 3 positions in most of them and now i am looking for a scholarship abroad in a good university so that i could become a successful man hope you all will help me….thanks.

  105. Hi , my name is colin queen Deboral studying MBBS in vinnistya national memorial university in Ukraine. My dad is a pastor(assemble of God church)in Tamil nadu (india). I need a scholarship for my study\’s . If you help me it will be very useful for my family too. Thank you

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  107. I am a student of a government institution if I get this scholarship it will be helpful for my future studies and helpful to reach my goal

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  109. I do not know what to take. Can you help me? I am from Sudan and my name is Walaa Saeed and this is my number … 002499117578916

    I have missed one of the conditions of the race and I may not win but from my point of view، I think I have to talk about the study in my country. Yes, it is Sudan. The study here is very bad … and the worse being forced to enter a field that I do not love. .. Since the young I love the doctors and I hope to be like them .. But when I entered the secondary stage faced me after the difficulties that do not extend to my ambitions Bashi .. Because of them I could not achieve my dream that became a doctor .. I believe that and entered into myself not wanting to study was times Difficult .. I am now studying the English language in the second level of the University of my country .. But I miss the desire to complete this area .. Always see you A lot of people like me .. Of them who is dissatisfied with his studies .. Some of them study for his father\’s desire or desire One of his parents, but not his desire .. Many of them are like me .. I always hope to achieve my dream .. I believe in .. If he did not trample Man in the field that he loves will not be created .. And thanks …
    Wala Saeed Ahmed .. Sudan .. Walasaeed48 @ gmail

  111. I\’m self employment and struggling to be an educated and I wish I will have the opportune and grace to be there

  112. to get a degree through online program is better way to progress in the job market related program this cheap way support us to find our qualities thought this easy way other then bearer who come in the way of learning in low income communities who don\’t approach to get reliable education for improvements of their life skills they get this way of learning because i self belong to low income society where we considered herself that we are not normal human beings among the others our governments officials don\’t put their attention on our communities major issues as like education water hygiene after getting online education we overcome our communities major issues through education and awareness , we become supportive and helper of our community and contribute our qualities to improve our communities life skills

  113. The opportunity has knocked my way.I come from disadvantaged background,but my career profession have pulled up the incomparably disadvantaged. I welcome this to enable me proceed to masters in Technical Education.

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  115. This is my one and only opportunity in life, I am just a regular boy who got everything the hard way, including education. I am graduating high school next year and I really wanted to do a Bachelor of Business Administration, but my Mother can\’t afford my tuition and it\’s expenses. I am in desperate need of ones help. I am the 6 foot 2, I have a talent of playing basketball but due to my community and lack of resources it has, I cannot express this talent with anybody else but me and my friends. I have to jog 2 miles to the nearest court and 2 miles back just to go practice and play. I have always seen classmates end up into drug addicts because they blame our under developed community. My mother works triple double shifts just to reach the requirements her 4 kids desire. So I plead, please help a young man which is myself be someone better in

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    An online studies refers to the process of acquiring skills,knowledge and values through internet and computers.Up to date there so many online classes taking place as the world have given the chance even the busy people to get an education especially those whom are currently working as these classes help to increase the knowledge and skills concerning their careers.
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