The Fulbright-Lappeenranta online degree University of Technology Graduate Award

The Fulbright University in Finland is granting new graduate Award for. Students were seeking a master’s degree. The MBA honor is accessible in the fields of innovation and business consignors. The scholarship is intended basically to attenuate students who wish to finish a full Master’s degree at the Fulbright University of Technology. Additionally, different students in the position of academic capable doctoral students and MBA degree in Student trade will be considered for the scholarship. Fullbright forward mechanical condition to offers broad and innovative learning and likely outcomes to its understudies. Besides Fulbright gives a particular quiet setting to consider. Therefore its understudies are invigorated by the encompassing general nature and can become both by and by and professionally in perpetual and perfect and safe condition. The Fulbright University of Technology scholarship award incorporates a month to month allowance to 1,200$ US Dollar. This grant will likewise be furnished with a movement grant ($1 600) and a supplemental accident and sickness benefit.

Eligible countries: Finland and all internationals

Scholarship Award: The Government of Finland will pay the full fund for an online degree program in the fields of science business and innovations even when the fellow researcher is working at Fulbright, for each research. Fellows who may be working at Finland is given a monthly stipend of $1200 while a fellow at Institution who lives there and work there shall receive the $1600 to find their own accommodation, while at Online class for doctorate fellow will be responsible for a subsidy of the network connectivity. Cost of relocation traveling and subsequent exchange services of the fellow to Finland are borne by the receiving university. The Lead supervisor of the fellow due to cover the cost according to the collaborative research policy of the fellow and may cover extra travel expenditure.

Number of Scholarship: 20

Scholarship benefits

In light of the concurrence with the Fulbright University, grants for a scholarship for the beneficiaries of the Fulbright University of Technology, Graduate Award will cover the yearly tuition fee expenses of 12,000$ US Dollar. The scholarship program is awarded likewise for the second year of MBA study given that the recipient has been effective in his/her study during the primary year.

Presumption of the scholarship

What’s moor after study, the grantee will be qualified for a free of charge, to take an interest in a Fulbright Finland fully endorsed and payable working plan in summer school in Finland comprising of courses on Finnish dialect, culture, and society, pending accessibility of appropriate projects.

The program is open for all international students, and the deadline for application is until January 24, 2018.

How to apply: Make all the submission through the university portal.

211 thoughts on “The Fulbright-Lappeenranta online degree University of Technology Graduate Award”

  1. Dear sir/madam

    I am here by applying for a scholarship as above statement.
    I am a Zambian citizen age 22  years old I completed my high school level in 2015 later on I wrote again an exam\’s in 2018 in 5 subjects which was,
    Mathematics, 3
    Science, 3
    Civic education, 1
    Biology, 5

    I have a valid passport and the scan copy of my secondary results,
    I would like to have the scholarship I am single with no any problems in my body am very health a man who is ready to have a scholarship

    Therefore I am ready to be given a scholarship I will be greatly appreciate if my application was put into consideration.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a prospective student waiting to go to university this in year of 2019.I am very much looking forward to persue a course as to the Bachelor of economic science in economics and econometrics or International trade. Your funding could be dearly appreciated since I just completed my matric.
    I hope to be the most counted. It is my pleasure. Thank you for the grant of the scholarship.

  3. Dear sir/ma

    Am odili Vincent oliseh, born October 25, 1988. From Nigeria.I desire to pursue a course in business administration. I will be deeply grateful if my request is granted.


  4. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Joram Chesson from Liberia,and am looking forward to advancing my education in BIT Information Technology.Am very optimistic in getting this scorlarship and it would be a honor.

  5. Hello I am Egyptian physiotherapist l have bachelor degree in physical Therapy from Cairo university
    I want learn more and more
    I have 4 year experience in physical Therapy
    I want this scholarship for more learning

  6. Hello dear sir / madam.
    I am interested in your program, I want a full scholarship to do the masters in agriculture.
    thank you

  7. Hello dear sir / madam.
    I\’m Anselme MEDEGODO
    . I\’m from Bénin. I have Bachelot degree in agriculture.
    I am interested in your program, I want a full scholarship to do the masters in agriculture.
    Thank you.

  8. Dear sir or madam
    I just completed my matric
    I got a D
    I wanna study diploma in IT development
    Please help me

    Your help will be appreciated

  9. I am M.A in English language and literature.I want to do master\’s degree in foreign university with 100% full bright scholarship.please help how can I…..

  10. Good Day Sir/Madam
    I am very much interested in your scholarship.I have NCV IT Certificate L4 however i would like to further my education in IT

  11. Dear sir/madam
    Hello, my name is alemu abera from Metu university of ethiopia and interested to learn my PhD program to your side organization by full sponsorship !!
    I wait you by good news.



  13. hello sir/madam
    Am isrom babu ngangau from kenya, currently studying at technical university of kenya in final year in diploma in mechanical engineering ,here by requests u to over a degree in mechanical engineering selection in 2020.

  14. Sir, presently i am a French teacher with 17years experience. I speak a little of the Nigerian basic languages. I will easily learn your language and make an outstanding foreign student. However, my line is Masters in Education. Thank you

  15. Hello sir/madam, I am very much interested but not online scholarship, please I need your guide and support…i received your e-mail message

  16. Assalamu alikum

    My self Iqra .I am student of L.H.V 2 .related to public health school.
    I am interested to attend in your university…just spending for study give me a good chance of me to like this way I humbly request to all of you ,you give me one chance ….

  17. Hi,
    My name is Israel Isaac Borane & I\’m from Papua New Guinea, I would really like to take this opportunity of yours to further my study. I\’ve completed my education up to Grade 12 & even Short course in Accounting Certificate and was given offer letter to continue to Diploma in Accounting. But due to finance/school fee I couldn\’t so with your support I believe I will prosper.

    I\’ve got every necessary documents for your pursuits. Please ! as GOD is my witness, I really, really seek your scholarship assistance.

    Thank you & hope to hear from you soon..

    Kind regards,

    Israel .I. Borane

  18. Hi my name ia Mabudafhasi Avhathu age 17 …I am interested in doing machenical engineering but due to financial expenses I may not be able to reach my goal ,I would like to get a scholarship ..please get back to me as soon as you get my request .thank you

  19. I am here by applying for a full scholarship as above statement

    I\’m zambian by age of 22 and I completed my high secondary level this past 2018 were i obtain the following results
    Mathematics 1
    Science 3
    Biology 1
    English 3
    Civic education 1
    I will be very grateful if my request for a scholarship is put into consideration

  20. I am hear by apply for a full scholarship as above statement.
    I am a Sierraleonean by age of 24 completed my high secondary level since 2016 were I obtain the following results
    C, R, S 6
    History 3
    Government 3
    Biology 6
    English 6

  21. I am a Zambian interested in taking a PhD studied in Educational Management & Administration. Is this scholarship still valid for this year, considering that it said for 2018 intake? Is there a chance for this field of studies?

  22. Thanks for providing us with this opportunity of scholarships. I am a student who hold a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy so i kindly request for your support so that i may venture in Business Administration under Masters Program. Thanks in advance and looking forward to cooperate with you.

  23. I am here by applying for a scholarship as above statement.
    I am a Nigeria citizen age 21 years old I completed my high school level in 2017 later on I wrote again an exam\\’s in 2018 in 5 subjects which was,
    Mathematics, 3
    Science, 3
    Civic education, 1
    Biology, 5

    I have a valid passport and the scan copy of my secondary results,
    I would like to have the scholarship I am single with no any problems in my body am very health a man who is ready to have a scholarship

    Therefore I am ready to be given a scholarship I will be greatly appreciate if my application will be given due consideration.

  24. I am at University but l do not have any funds to further my education l am studying towards a diploma in public finance and accounting

  25. Sir,

    I\’m interested BUT due date already expired 2018. any other scholarships for international students from the Solomon islands.
    I need to do a master in People performance management with you and or Business Entrepurneouship and Innovations, master of management if any.

    kind regards,


  26. Good day sir I would like to do a nursing course but I can\’t afford and my matrix results are not so good so iam stuck I would really appreciate your help I m from south Africa

  27. I am a Zambian aged 17 years, looking for a course that leads to being a pilot, which is civil aviation. Am kindly asking if you may offer this full sponsorship until the course is complete

  28. I am interested in this scholarship. I want to do ph.d in food technology. I can do this only with your scholarship.

  29. i\’m melaku , how i can get such kind od of scholarship . i have BSc degree in Rural development and i want to continue Masters degree in development studies . please help me .

  30. Iam interested in your scholarship,i want to do diploma in business administration.i am at university but I don\’t have a fund to further my studying diploma in business administration at the national university of Solomon islands.i would much appreciate if you consider my application.

  31. I need full scholarship, I am interested in studying masters degree about either food technology or rural development. I hope my request will be kept into consideration.

  32. I have attained my bachelor degree in English Language Teaching I don\’t have funds to continue with my studies.

  33. First of all I will like to say thank you, very much for your help and support and I need full scholarship from my beginning of my studies to the end and Lastly I want say that I want to be attending lectures not online study.thank you very much

  34. I want to do MBA on board
    Please I need your guide and support, thanks
    I am interested in this year to get it << and i want full scholarship

  35. I am Ibrahim jp Bangura
    A Sierra Leonean I have finished with my high school, I intend to possum but doing to financial constrain I am not able.
    I will be grateful if you give such opportunity to further my education.

  36. Iam wokorach richard from wiakedo village atanga subcounty, ngoto parish pader-uganda ,am a prospective student who want to join university this year but I has no fund to pay my fees it\’s just a request if you can give me full scholarship to study

  37. I\’m interested in this university and am particularly ready for joing fo my further studies. Iam Dr m Kenya and finished my High school course last year, What f I get a position in your university I\’ll really enjoy it

  38. Helloo am interested On this program,but i would like to do electronic engeneering,i need you are suport please,thankyou

  39. I want to study at University of San Carlos in Commerce field so I need financiall assistance due to expensivity of the university. I got 94 GPA in my last school

  40. please message me on how to avail of thr post graduate full scholarship? i am a bachelor of science in agricultural engineering graduate. i want to study again if scholarship is available. thank you.

  41. My name is Dinberu Teshome from Ethiopia.currently am learning MA program in social Anthropology I would like to apply for a full scholarship in order to complete my studies

  42. i want to learn my MSC program in Electrical and computer engineering please try to help me and reply your answer to me

  43. Please I am interested in full scholarship to enable me further my studies life is hard here in nigeria thanks.

  44. Hello, My name is Helder, I am Mozambican, I finished
    Middle level, now I am looking for a full scholarship.

  45. Am Gberihwa David shagbaor I am a graduate of botany and would like to apply for a full time scholarship to further in pharmacognosy

  46. This grant is free of charge or has a fee and what certificate is accepted by the General Secondary School or equivalent

  47. I\’m burundian but now I\’m refugees in Rwanda last year i had finished secondary school that why I\’m applying in other to get a chance for learning at university, my name\’s Yves nikiza

  48. Am a Nigerian.and am interested in the ongoing offer…i will be glad to receive a positive reply, thanks.

  49. My name is Selwyn Happy Chiwalo.I am undertaking a Bsc degree in renewable technology at Mzuzu University in Malawi, Africa.I am in Year three, .I am interested in the program and I need full sponsorship.
    please assist me

  50. I am Bethlehem I wante to study in medicine departement. So, I need your help to get full scholarship and to learn university. Now I am 16 years old and I need this fortune after I complete my education in grade 12 .and to study abroad in 2020/ I mentioned above I want to be doctor (ENT) so please give me this opportunity to target my childhood dream please accept me because this gorgeous fortune is very important thing for me also for my life.

  51. Really knowledge is like a sun that all other creatures benefit from but d fear of God guide us when where and how to use it.Thanks.

  52. Thank you very much.
    am a Zambian citizen who is looking forward to go to the University. I Passed the Examination with flying colours. But the problem that am facing is sponsorship. I have no one to support me.
    In short I would really appreciate if you where to help me by granting the scholarship for me.

  53. I\’m Isingizwe jean Leon Pierre so can youhelp me for getting scholarship and I\’m A level diploma I want to study bachelor\’s degree so I waiting for your superb answer

  54. I need this scholarship because I can also help my parents to further my education to the higher level thanks

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  56. I\’m really interested in the programme i will love to do my master degree in economics. I\’m from nigeria holds a bachelor degree in economics but financially contraints to go for my masters…i will be glad if my application is granted. Oyedele simon

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  61. Im interested in this scholarship on
    Ihave acquired BedHons in education, management, law and policy
    Courses = research in educ , policy studies, educ law, human resource in educ, wem – non exam outreach course

    At teachers college i specialised in arts nd culture, maths , english

  62. Can i get this offer to pursue my talent in :
    Drama, as part of arts and culture
    Have done mini course in drama too,( ilike drawing ) at university of Free state in south africa
    Im currently ateacher
    I am willing and available to teach drama
    Im 53 years old, have been teacher for 30 years
    Have taught grades 1 up to grades 12 but 8 and 9

    Kindly grant me this online degree to plough back to the community which is jobless
    Thankyou in advance

  63. I am highly interested in this scholarship. I would appreciate if I am giving the chance to have it.

  64. Thank you for the information. I am excited to do my course whent here is scholarship. I prefer to enroll at university rather to join online course. Please hep me assuring scholarship and other process support to join the course.

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  66. I\’m Habtamu Melkamu,I am from Ethiopian and 28 years old men.i want to study my BSC Nursing 1st degrees it meight be get full funded scholarships so can you help me i will be studying my degrees if you wanted me please contact me by this address +251987131743/

  67. My name najma abdirisaq ali I am need I your degree and I want to study surgery pls give me full scolar ships aim interested in your scolar ship

  68. bdjob

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  69. Hello am delighted for choosing me to be able to study at your University i would really like to do a course in hospitality and tourism management thanks

  70. Am christian ntawuhiganayo from rwanda am intrested to apply for scholarship i was gotten 52/60 in accounting and economics

  71. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to do well in life.
    But I\’m still confuse on how to claim my prize for scholarship.
    I really want to start by August this year if possible.
    Many thanks again,

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